Friday, June 19, 2009

Introducing the Protective Mothers Alliance

Because of the chronic and severe injustices that are sometimes brought upon mothers and their children through custody litigatiion when they attempt to leave abusive fathers, there is an urgent need for family court reform. Many projects across the country are working actively to demand these changes, including STOP Family Violence, the Center for Judicial Excellence, the California Protective Parents Association, the Battered Mothers Custody Conference, and several others.

To contribute to these efforts in a new way, mothers who themselves have faced mistreatment in court, and who now want to be activists and advocates to create a fair and accountable child custody system, have joined with me to form the Protective Mothers Alliance (PMA). The second edition of the PMA newsletter, called The Guardian of Truth is now available. The newsletter, which is produced entirely by mothers, is inspiring, articulate, and informative. I hope you will take a few minutes to click on the link and read the newsletter. You can also read the previous issue.

More information about the Protective Mothers Alliance is available at my website,, including our mission statement and principles, with an explanation of how you can start a group in your area and how to reach us. PMA is open to protective mothers and their allies. We have specific projects for children who were harmed by the actions of family courts when they were growing up, called "Hear Us Now," and for men who want to be active for justice for protective mothers, called "Fathers and Step-Fathers for Protective Parenting".

Mothers themselves will be the key leading force in bringing about safety for women and children post-separation, and in changing the way family courts handle child custody disputes involving abusers. PMA looks forward to your support. Contributions can be made out to "California Protective Parents Association" (our fiscal sponsor) with "Protective Mothers Alliance" written on the memo line, and sent to CPPA, P.O. Box 15284, Sacramento, CA 95815-0284.


  1. The fact that the courts aren't listening is so dangerous alone.What purpose to they hold at this point.Thats why they call it reform.
    When a child has PTSD and the courts still order visitation w/ a Perp.Then its better to be a dog at this point.
    The judges don't send dogs back to abusers.
    I think the animal judges (Animal cops) should switch seats w/ family court judges.
    Then we might have a chance on protecting our kids?
    Please wake me when this nighmare is over!

  2. Thank you for introducing this much needed organization. Battered mothers being re-victimized over and over again through our judicial system is a crime in itself.

    Susan Murphy Milano will be discussing this very issue on her Wednesday radio show with the Co-Founder of "Protective Mother Alliance" and I hope it will open some eyes.

  3. My grandson's think the courts will keep them safe.

    I am trying to help them and want to limit their trauma.

    Their abusive father is in prison until 2011. There is a visitation order hanging out there.

    I'd like to know what to tell them to do if they encounter abuse.

    I know you're a naturalist at heart and I have explained to them if you were in the woods and encountered a bear what to do. Is it possible to do something similar with abuse?

    I don't like to dwell on their past trauma and I like to give them hope and happiness and a future.

    How can I do that? They are now 7 and 9. Their father has been in prison since 2006. But he has stalked them from prison, on parole and back in jail. We've recently been able to stop him with the help of the atty Gen.

    Thank you for all you do to help victim's of abuse.

  4. Your wonderful book has helped my daughter to leave an abusive relationship virtually unscathed and emotionally very strong. We have our daughter, sister, grand daughter back after 5 years of hell and as a family we would like to say an enormous, large thankyou to Lundy Bancroft for such a fantastic book. Not only has it helped my daughter to become sane and strong again it has helped us as a family to understand her and also her abusive partner. I just wish more people knew about your book as so many more could be helped.

  5. If I could see a change, or even my daughter. I would have more reasons to look up. My ex can hire 3 Superlawyers, and prevent me one day in court to hear my side of the story for our daughters sake. She is now being sent to a boarding school. It is just across the street from where he lives. And he won't let her see mom.