Friday, November 4, 2011


The handful of emails and phone calls hostile to Wendi G. that I've received have been revealing ones, and I thought you would like to hear about them.

The first was an email about two months ago, which included a series of allegations about Wendi's character and behavior (though nothing about her as a parent), and that offered no evidence about the concerns about the children except to say that the father "wouldn't even think of doing such a horrible thing."

But the end of the email was the most revealing: "I don't expect to hear back from you since your blogs testify to the fact that you're just as looney as Wendi herself. Perhaps once she's done with [man's name] ... or if he just opens his own eyes... you can make her Wendi Bancroft... and you can start your own religion/cult together. Wouldn't that be nice. (hear the sarcasm?)"

[The ellipses (series of three dots) were in the email. I have quoted these sentences verbatim, except for cutting the writer's name at the end.]

Although the name signed was a woman's, the writing seems more likely to be a man's. But in any event, the email seems to illustrate the principle that if you don't have significant arguments or evidence to offer, you focus on personal attacks and insults instead.

The second was a phone call from a woman named Tricia who stated that she was a school psychologist in Holland, Michigan. She stated that Wendi is a "very sick, very broken person" and an "extreme narcissist," though she did not explain how she knew these things. She offered to send me documents that she said would prove Wendi's dishonesty. I called Tricia, got her voice mail, and encouraged her to send the documents to me and provided my mailing address. I called again two or three weeks later and told her that I still had not received the documents, and that I was hoping she would send them. Another months has passed and there is still no sign of any documents. (Normally I wouldn't print the person's name, but I'm including it here because of the fact that she said she was a school psychologist, which, if true, would raise ethical questions about the appropriateness of the statements she left on my voice mail.)

Last, about a week ago I received the following comment, quoted in its entirety: "Do you allow any comments that disagree with the you. Where is your courage to allow both sides to be heard? It is stunning what you apparently elect to ignore the facts which are so overwhelmingly in favor of the father. Any legitimate attempt to report this story objectively is lost. You are profoundly misguided, what a shame."

Again, it's noticeable that with "all the facts" being out there, the writer doesn't offer any.

The overall effect these communications have on me is to strengthen my impression of Wendi's credibility and my concern for her children. No critical writer so far has offered anything they observed directly, any important reports they heard from the children, or any documents they have read, nor has any of them communicated in an appropriate way that is not focused on personal attacks. If this is all the other side has to offer, shouldn't we all be screaming for these kids to be moved to safety?

By the way, in answer to the question about allowing critical comments: I will allow comments that are against Wendi if they have something constructive to say or if they actually offer evidence, including the writer's own observations of events -- nothing like that has come in yet. I don't permit personal attacks in my blog. I would not, for example, permit any writings that strive to personally insult or demean even the alleged perpetrator in this case, rather than focusing on his reported behavior. I deleted a comment that ridiculed a judge, though I have freely included comments that named and criticized judicial actions in an appropriate way. The children need us to restrict ourselves to responsible communication, even when -- or perhaps especially when -- we have strong disagreements about their needs and their safety.

Note also that I myself have not written insults or accusations about the alleged perpetrator in any of my posts. My focus has been on the irresponsible, biased, and at times unethical behavior of government officials in Michigan and Colorado. The forensic investigation included tremendous detail about the children's statements, and found no indication that those statements were false, pressured, or rehearsed. Since there's no evidence that their mother put them up to saying what they said, it is the responsibility of officials to keep the children safe until it can be established why they made the statements they did. Moreover, the research on child sexual abuse and the research on domestic violence indicate that the most likely reason for the children's statements is that they are telling the truth.


  1. I have known Wendi for about 2 1/2 years and not once have I ever felt she was involved in or the head of a cult, in fact just the opposite. I find Wendi to be a true friend who represents our Lord Jesus Christ with the upmost honor and praise. She has always been there to offer up prayer and has always stood strong because of God's strength through all of this, believing that the truth will come out and it is all in God's plan. It makes me very nervous for the accuser that is willing to cheapen her and to mock one of God's chosen. I have never seen a narcissistic moment or a dishonest person in Wendi, again just the opposite. Wendi is one who is willing to tell it like it is, even when it is difficult and she is one of the most giving people I know, without expecting anything in return.

    I believe Mr. Bancroft you are right. These are desperate attempts to stumble Wendi. That is what Satan does best. He is the Prince of lies and he is feeling the heat of the truth bearing down on him. Instead of being angry at the ignorant, we should feel blessed in the persecution in Jesus' name. To God be the Glory and may the truth prevail.

  2. I have written before and mentioned the behavior of the ex husbands family in court. What was reported above is exactly what the ex's family is like. They accuse but have nothing else to offer. They roar against Wendi G so much that it makes me wonder who is really the one to be roared at. They are very suspecting people because of the way they show themselves. Their anger shows their fear, and I believe they should be afraid, as I believe Wendi's children as to what has happened in their father's home. God be with Wendi and her children. The truth will be made known.

  3. its not just the ex's family, his congregation is the same way.lots of finger pointing and diversion from the actual issues. from personal experience, the ex is the center of attention in both circumstances. I've personally experienced his ability to manipulate those around him in order to get what he's after. Wendi, keep fighting!! thousands are praying for you and your babies!! the truth WILL be revealed!

  4. Yesterday I was speaking with the niece of one of the Family Court judges and she remarked that her uncle had told her "Wendi is crazy". It is astonishing the degree of unprofessional and legally inappropriate behavior related to this case. The degree of personal attack and mean spiritedness in judicial actions is really beyond the ordinary person's imagination. This same judge commented that his sister's recent jail sentence of 10 days because her 16 and 17 y.o children would not go an a visit with their father, was "what she deserved". Judge Hulsing and Judge Van Allsburg both claim to be Christians and attend church, but what in their cruel and biased opinions and judgements reflect the compassion of God towards abused children, and protective mothers. This is a court that is running wild ignoring due process and slandering anyone who objects to their unethical performances. It's time to advocate for their removal for the sake of innocent children and their mothers.

  5. Another church member's sexual crimes covered by this Judge Jon Hulsing.

    Wendi's ex-husbands attorney Susan Vroegop, who is with the firm Cunningham and Dalman here in Holland. This is the same law firm where Susan's partner Carl Gabrielse was at before he was fired. They both attended the same church as well.

  6. Pastor Philip VanDopNovember 11, 2011 at 10:58 AM

    Beyond the obvious family issues is the inherent reality that when the truth comes out two churches and a judge are going to have to face the reality that they were wrong.This is where pride enters the arena of discussion. Not only will those who passionately deceived the rest of the congregation stand in the light, but possibly the adjudication history of a civil servant who is tasked to rule honorably and within the law will come into question. One of the most disturbing consequence beyond Wendi's family is that there is a viewing audience of non-believers who are seeing this in action and who have decided that if this is how "Christian" churches, a "Christian" pastor, and two "Christian" judges act...why would they want any part of "Christianity?"

  7. I must say that you can include Iowa judges in this sector..I am facing a two day jail sentence all for a man that has lied, stolen, committed pergury EVERYTIME..Stalked me, harassed me, gaslighting and a textbook case of abuse by proxy..YET I'm going to jail for an honest and true mistake and NOTHING happens to him..amazing how our system is sooo bad..