Monday, April 2, 2012


I have not had the opportunity to communicate with Wendi G. directly, but my understanding is that she will be released from jail in about three weeks.

I realize that people are needing very badly to know more about what has taken place. I have been in a bit of a bind as a writer, because I have received a message from at least one person close to the case that it would be a mistake to write more about it right now, while a couple of other people are saying I should go ahead. I've decided I am going to write something soon and hope that I'm making the right choice.

I do know from people that have written to me that Wendi is in good health and in remarkably good spirits considering what she is enduring.

One thing I can say right away is that contributions are desperately needed for Wendi's legal fund. Here is information on how to contribute:

If paying by check:
Make it payable to Wendi Goulet, and write on the memo line "Legal Assistance Fund Acct. ending #995", and mail it to:
United Federal Credit Union
Holland North Branch
12540 Riley Street
Holland, Mi 49424

To make an online deposit:
call 1-888-982-1400 ask for Holland North Branch, and provide the information above.

More soon.


  1. Would anything be lost by waiting until you can talk with her directly? If someone close to the case is asking you to hold off on writing about this, I hope you will do that until you have Wendi's input. (I appreciate your blog, and think--from personal experience--that you do an excellent job of talking about abuse and abusers.)

  2. So Wendi has been released from jail. What facts have you come up with? What did the kids' testimony show? It's fine to solicit help for Wendi's legal fund, if you believe her version of the facts. Is that still true? Do you still believe that the allegations against the kids' father are true?

  3. Lundy,
    Do you have an update? You seem silent lately.

  4. We are waiting...