Wednesday, May 16, 2012


           There is one more piece of background we need to examine before I bring everyone up to date on the recent history of the Wendi G. case:  The key parts of the forensic interview with "Monte," also from June of 2011. (For a full explanation of this interview, and key excerpts from the detailed interview with Caleigh, see my last post.)

           "When asked how come he is here today, Monte stated he needs to process some stuff and let the truth go out. Monte explained he needs to process everything that has happened the last two years with his parents divorce and how things are going. Monte stated things are going good at his mom's house... Monte added sometimes it is uncomfortable for him when his mom and Caleigh are crying together. When asked to tell me about that, Monte stated they were crying while they were in the hospital because of Caleigh's foot and then Caleigh processed some stuff with the counselor and they were crying when their mom found out some of the things that dad did... When asked to tell me about that, Monte stated he was playing videogames and their dad asked them if one of them would rub lotion on his back. Monte stated Caleigh told him okay and Monte said no because he thought it was gross. Monte stated he did see Caleigh rubbing lotion on their dad's back and Monte noticed Caleigh was rubbing lotion close to his dad's bottom. Monte stated he is pretty sure it's true that Caleigh rubbed lotion on his dad's back and bottom. Monte stated he also knows their dad was hugging her. Monte stated he saw his dad hugging Caleigh while they were standing up and his dad was naked...

          "When asked to tell me more about their dad being naked at home, Monte stated he comes out of the bathroom in a towel but sometimes he is naked and will come into their bathroom... Monte stated sometimes he sees his dad naked with shaving cream on his face or sometimes Monte is making breakfast and his dad will walk naked to a different room. When asked where his dad is going, Monte stated mostly Caleigh's room...

        "...When asked if he feels like his body is safe at his dad's house, Monte stated sometimes he doesn't because of all the things Caleigh has said...

         "When asked where he wants to be, Monte said Michigan [where his mother lives] because he has closer friends there, he feels safer, and he is more at peace. Monte stated he loves both of his parents but he would rather be in Michigan..."

          Monte is nearly two years older than Caleigh (he was almost 12 years old at the time of this interview, while his sister was 10). There are large implications to the statements quoted from him above, which I will discuss soon but some of which are obvious I believe.

        These are all the excerpts from the Forensic Interview that I'm going to post. I will have the full interview available at my website soon, and will let everyone know when that's available. Reading that interview is crucial to anyone who want to form their own opinion about the case. 

       With the crucial backdrop of this Forensic Interview, I can move in my next post to discussing the hearing this past January and the events that have come since, including Judge Hulsing's order sending Wendi to jail for 90 days (of which she served 60).


  1. Lundy, You have done an excellent job of keeping us abreast of the Wendi G case. I can't believe all this evidence and the children still remain with the abusive Father. Those poor children. My heart aches for them. What are they going to think about the justice system? Who, besides their Mother who was sent to jail because she tried to protect them and advocate for them, who can they go to for help? The one thing that gives me HOPE is that God will take care of that Judge, as well as the abuser and everyone else that has not protected these poor children. God Bless Them and people like you who are making the public aware of what is going on in the court system.

  2. As an Ottawa County resident, and a "transplant" to this area, I am horrified and outraged (though not surprised) to hear this story. The powers that be in the "Christain"-Dutch communities in West Michigan, are anything BUT moral. Their primary motivation is not to insure the well-being of community members in general, but to protect their behinds, and those of their closest associates, to hide behind the illusion of piety and righteousness, and to maintain the status-quo. The two kids ...well, I guess their well-being is inconsequential compared to the greater cultural need to defend the illusion that men of the cloth and men of the law can do no wrong.

    1. I have to say that I agree with you! But I am Dutch and I am a Christian, they are just giving the rest of us a bad name!
      I SO hope and pray that these children will be back where they belong soon!!

  3. That poor, brave boy, and his dear sweet sister. I have shed many tears for their family, especially Wendi, getting punished for protecting her children.
    It's sad, and it's scary, that the law is allowing all of this

    I am hoping and praying that these wrongs are made as right as they can and these children are returned to their place with their mother, as soon as possible.

    Thank you for sharing this whoe story, Lundy and making it known that these things actually happen.

  4. Has there been any news about what is happening with the children yet? Been concerned for their safety, as well as their mother's well being! Please keep up posted, you have done a wonderful job about keeping us up to date on all the going's on with this case!!

    Thank you!